5500psi, M18x1.5, 1.82"L, Screwdriver - Extruder Rupture Disk

  • M18x1.5 - Extruder Rupture Disks

$180.00 - 25% Discount
(First Time Customer)
  • : M18x1.5
  • Length (hex extra): 1.82"L
  • Tighten: Screwdriver Slot
  • Pressure Range (psi): 5500
  • Backside/Discharge Thread: None
  • Mfg Days: Stock
  • Max 750F (400C)
  • M18x1.5 Standard Thread
  • Inconel Diaphragm
  • Ranges from 5500 - 14500psi
  • 304SS Body
  • +/-5% Accuracy
  • Screwdriver Slot

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Verified replacement for PT462E-7.5M-6/18, PT462XL-7.5M-6/18, DYN-X-7.5M-6/18, M31-6-M-P75C-1-4-D
Verified replacement for PT460E-7.5M-6, PT460XL-7.5M-6, DYN-X-7.5M-6, M30-6-M-P75C-1-4-0

Verified replacement for TPT463E-7.5M-6/18, TPT463XL-7.5M-6/18, DYN-X-7.5M-6/18-TC, M32-6-M-P75C-1-4-D