MPI Melt Pressure offers a repair service for most fluid-filled models manufactured by MPI, as well as sensors from Dynisco, Gefran, GP50, and ISI. Repairs offer a savings of 40-60% compared to the cost of a new unit. All units are brought back to original factory standards with replacement of any or all diaphragms, threads, and/or electronics.

MPI has an almost 90% success rate for repairs sent in for analysis. Many repairs can be performed within 24 hours; more comprehensive repairs may take as long as three weeks.

Any competitor’s melt pressure transducer or transmitter sent to our factory which cannot be repaired will be offered a 40% discount off the already low MPI price.

Melt Pressure Transducer/Transmitter Repair Information

  • Available for mercury, oil, and NaK fluid filled systems
  • Typical savings of 40-60% compared to a new sensor
  • Available for most models from Dynisco, Gefran, GP50, and MPI.
  • Replacement of diaphragm, thread, and/or electronics, as required 
  • 40% discount offered on unrepairable units
  • Engineering tech support available by email or phone                    
  • 3 week standard delivery time
  • Available 24 hour rush service
  • 1 year warranty against failure caused by manufacturing defects
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