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  • MPI extruder rupture disks

Extruder rupture disks provide a reliable and economical pressure relief safety device in extrusion and polymer processing applications. Extruder rupture disks can also be referred to as blow-out plugs, burst plugs and burst disks.
MPI rupture disks are available with standard designs with features including:
  • Inconel end disk for consistent rupture over a wide temp range.
  • 750°F (400°C) temp rating – optional up to 1000°F (535°C)
  • 5% accuracy
  • Stock ranges from 1500 – 15000psi
  • Standard threads ½”-20UNF, ¾”-16NC, 5/8”-11NC, M18x1.5, M14x1.5
  • Optional – threads, tip designs
MPI’s large inventory allows us to ship 90% of our orders received on the same day.

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MPI Extruder Rupture Disks  (download Full Brochure)


Extruder Rupture Disk Construction :

 A metal disk at the end of the rupture disk is designed to rupture within a specific pressure range to allow process material to flow out, while releasing pressure. MPI Inconel  rupture disks are welded on to the body to ensure reliable high temperature operation up to 1000°F (535°C

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Custom Extruder Rupture Disk Designs

MPI’s extruder rupture disks come in many standard stock body designs. We also offer custom units for special applications in quantities from 5 – 1000+ units.

Proper Extruder Rupture Disc Installation

To ensure proper operation, MPI’s extruder rupture disks must be installed correctly. They must be installed flush with the inner extruder wall with a small recess of approximately 0.020”. Too much dead space can allow the plastic material to harden and form a plug, which can cause the extruder rupture disks to be ineffective and create a safety hazard.

Extruder Rupture Disk Temperature Derating

MPI’s extruder rupture disks incorporate a standard Inconel burst disk. The Inconel disk allows the bursts plugs to be used over a wide temperature range with minimal burst pressure changes (a change of approximately 2% over the 300°F-600°F range).

Extruder Rupture Disk Manufacturers Replacements

At MPI, we manufacture our own line of extruder rupture disks, and maintain a worldwide network of distributors. As a result, we’re able to swiftly fill orders to replace extruder rupture disk products from manufacturers such as:
  • Oseco
  • Fike
  • Gefran
  • GP50
  • Dynisco

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Request a quote today or contact us for more information on our extruder rupture disks.
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