Melt Pressure Transducer & Transmitter Repairs

  • Melt pressure transducer and transmitter repairs

MPI offers a complete repair program for most filled-capillary system melt pressure transducers and melt pressure transmitters. We pride ourselves on our record of a 90-plus percent success rate in transducer and transmitter repairs. Our repairs will return your melt pressure device to original factory conditions.

The typical transducer repair process includes replacing of the entire tip and thread, and refilling the capillary system with either mercury, oil, or NaK fill. A full calibration of the system is then performed to determine if any board repairs are also required.

For any transducer sent in for repair that cannot be fixed, we will offer a 40% discount off our already low prices on a new, equivalent transducer.

Many repairs can be performed within 24 hours; more comprehensive repairs may take as long as three weeks or more.

In addition to repairing our own melt pressure devices, MPI can also perform repairs on most melt pressure transducers and transmitters from Brand-D, Gefran, GP50, ISI, and Gentran.

For all repairs, please call or email to obtain an RMA number. Contact MPI for more information on our transmitter and transducer repair services.