Melt Pressure Transducer Mounting Hole Drill Kits

  • Melt pressure transducer mounting hole drill kits
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MPI melt pressure transducer and transmitter mounting hole drill kits are used to make the highly precise holes that are required for proper pressure sensor and extruder rupture disk operation. Our drilling kits include tools for tip hole drilling, 45° seat surface, and thread tapping. 

Drilling kits are available for the following threads: ½-20UNF, 5/8-11NC, ¾-16UNF, M18x1.5, and M14x1.5. Custom thread options are also available. 

Please note that the drilling should be performed with zero pressure in the system.

Request a quote on melt pressure transducer and transmitter drill kits for your application, or contact MPI for more information.

MP-drill  (download PDF)

Melt Pressure Transducer/Transmitter Drill Kit Features

  • Compatible with: Dynisco, Gefran, GP50
  • Thread options: ½-20UNF, 5/8-11NC, ¾-16UNF, M18x1.5, M14x1.5, custom
  • Kit includes tools for tip drill, 45° pressure seal drill, thread tapping 
  • Engineering tech support available by email or phone                    
  • Large inventory of same day shipping items
  • Quick delivery on custom products 
Request a quote on melt pressure transducer or transmitter drill kits. Contact MPI to learn more.