Melt Pressure Transducer & Transmitter Accessories

  • MPI melt pressure transducer cable,  hole plugs, spacers and adaptors
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MPI Melt Pressure’s melt pressure transducer and melt pressure transmitter accessories are designed to make installation and connection to instrumentation easier.

Available melt pressure accessories include:

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Melt Pressure Transducer and Transmitter Cables

Melt pressure transducer and transmitter cables are used to connect a pressure sensor to a display indicator or PLC. Available in standard 12’, 25’, and 50’ lengths. Material options include PVC and Teflon with optional S/S Armour or braiding. 6-pin bayonet, 6-pin screw, and 8-pin screw connectors are available for direct connection to a melt pressure transducer or transmitter.

Melt Pressure Transducer and Transmitter Connectors

Melt pressure transducer and transmitter connectors make excellent replacements for worn or broken connectors on transducer and transmitter cables. Available with 6-pin bayonet, 6-pin screw, or 8-pin screw connectors to match MPI or competitor cables. 

Melt Pressure Hole Cleaning Kits

MPI’s melt pressure transducers and transmitters all have a fragile diaphragm on the tip of the sensor. When installing these sensors in an existing hole, care must be used to ensure this diaphragm is not damaged from any hardened plastic residue. Our melt pressure hole cleaning kits ensure that this hole will be cleaned properly. Kits consist of a thread cleaner, tip cleaner, and thread gauge. Available in the following thread sizes: 1/2”-20UNF, 5/8”-11NC, 3/4”-16UNF, M18x1.5, and M14x1.5 threads

Melt Pressure Transducer Hole Drill Kits

Melt pressure transmitter/transducer hole drill kits are used in new installations to drill the pressure port. Kits includes a reamer, two standard drill bits, bottom tap, and a thread tap. Available in the following thread sizes: 1/2”-20UNF, 5/8”-11NC, 3/4”-16UNF, M18x1.5, and M14x1.5 threads

Melt Pressure Transducer Hole Plugs

Transducer hole plugs are used to seal old transducer holes that are no longer required. Plugs are available in most melt pressure sensor thread styles and in 2”, 3”, and 6” lengths. 

Melt Pressure Transducer Tip Spacers

As an extruder ages, the inner barrel starts to wear, causing the tip to move into the material flow. MPI melt pressure transducer tip spacers are used to recess the transducer tip from the inner barrel wall. Standard units are manufactured from copper and are available in sizes from 0.020” to 0.093”.

Melt Pressure Transducer Hole Adapters

Melt pressure transducer hole adapters allow a standard 1/2-20UNF transducer or transmitter to be used in a metric M18x1.5-sized mounting hole for emergency replacement situations.

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