Melt Pressure Gauges

  • MPI Digital and Mechanical Melt Pressure Gauges
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MPI’s melt pressure gauges provide a simple and economical way to monitor your extrusion, injection, or blow mold operations.

MPI provides reliable mechanical melt pressure gauges, as well as digital melt pressure gauges for applications where alarm functions and higher accuracy are required.

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MPI Melt Pressure Gauges  (download Brochure)
MPI/Dynisco Cross Compatibility List
MPI/Gefran Cross Compatibility List

Advantages of MPI Melt Pressure Gauges

MG digital gauges feature a large 5-digit display and a bar graph indicator for easy viewing from a distance. A high/low alarm relay and 4-20mA retransmission are standard. 

MPG mechanical gauges are economical, self-contained units that require no power to operate. The large 4.4” dial can be rotated up to 270° for optimal viewing. ​

Features of MPI Melt Pressure Gauges:

  • Compatible with Dynisco, Gefran, GP50, Gentran
  • Standard long-life Inconel diaphragm
  • 750°F (400°C) rating; optional 1,000°F rating with mercury-free NaK model
  • Standard ½”-20UNF thread; optional M18x1.5, customs
  • Engineering tech support available via email and phone                    
  • Large inventory of same day shipping items
  • Quick delivery on custom products 

MPI also carries a complete line of melt pressure products, including:

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