Extruder Rupture Pins

  • Extruder Rupture Pins
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Extruder rupture pins provide a reliable and economical pressure relief safety device in extrusion and polymer processing applications. Extruder rupture pins can also be referred to as rupture disks, burst plugs, and burst disks.
MPI rupture pins offer standard features such as:
  • Inconel end disk for consistent rupture over a wide temp range.
  • 750°F (400°C) temp rating – optional up to 1000°F (535°C)
  • 5% accuracy
  • Stock ranges from 1500 – 15000psi
  • Standard threads ½”-20UNF¾”-16NC5/8”-11NCM18x1.5M14x1.5
  • Optional – threads, tip designs
MPI's Extruder Rupture Disks are also compatible with Dynisco, Gefran and GP50. 

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