M18x1.5 Thread Extruder Rupture Disks

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Built to the most common specifications used in the plastics industry, MPI’s M18x1.5 thread extruder rupture disks are compatible with Dynisco, Gefran, Oseco and Fike units. M18x1.5 thread rupture disks are often used on larger European-manufactured extruders that require a larger rupture disk size to allow larger plastic discharge during safety relief.

While Inconel is our standard rupture disk material, thanks to its stability over a wide temperature range, other materials are available for special applications. Contact us to discuss your custom requirements.

Request a quote on extruded rupture disks for your application, or contact MPI for more information.

MPI Extruder Rupture Disks  (download M18x1.5 Brochure)


Features of M18x1.5 Thread Extruder Rupture Disks

  • Compatible with Dynisco, Gefran, GP50, Osceco, Fike
  • Welded one-piece assembly
  • Burst pressure ratings from 100 to 14,500psi (7–1000bar)
  • Burst disc size: 3/16” 
  • Burst temperature ranges to 1,000°F (538°C)
  • Burst tolerance: ±5%
  • Standard Inconel disks provide stability over a wide temperature range
  • Standard 300 series stainless steel body (optional Inconel, Hastelloy, etc.)
  • Ends available: hex, NPT, wrench flat, screwdriver slot
  • 100% factory leak tested (to 70% rating)
  • Engineering tech support available by email or phone                    
  • Large inventory of same day shipping items
  • Quick delivery on custom products 
Request a quote on M18x1.5 thread extruder rupture disks. Contact MPI to learn more.