Adjustable Bayonet Thermocouples And RTD's

  • MPI adjustable bayonet thermocouples

MPI offers adjustable bayonet thermocouples & RTDs to mMPI’s A500 and A510 series adjustable bayonet thermocouples and RTDs offer a simple, adjustable depth temperature sensor suitable for the plastics industry. A bayonet cap can be rotated along the stainless steel spring, or armor, to adjust for different depths and different applications.

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easure extruder barrel temperatures. 

Adjustable Bayonet Thermocouple & RTD Features

  • Compatible with: Dynisco, Gefran, GP50
  • Bayonet cap options: 7/16” I.D. single slot, M12.5” I.D. double-slot metric, M15mm I.D. double slot
  • Wire options: Fiberglass, Teflon®
  • Protection options: Stainless steel overbraid, stainless steel armor
  • Termination options: Bare wire, male plug, female plug
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  • Quick delivery on custom products 
MPI also stocks a complete line of melt pressure products, including melt pressure transducers, melt pressure transmittersmelt pressure transducer and transmitter cables, hole plugs, and hole drill kits.

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