MN200-series Nozzle Melt Pressure Transducer (Hg) - 3000psi, 1" Jam Nut, 10"Exposed+18"Armoured Capillary, 3.3mV/V, 6p

  • MN200 Melt Pressure Transducer
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Verified replacement for M33-6-M-P03M-1-0-L
$750.00 - 25% Discount
(First Time Customer)
  • : 1/2-20unf
  • Flex Length: 28"
  • Temp Sensor: None
  • Tip Material: Inconel
  • Pressure Units (psi/bar): psi
  • Pressure Range: 3000
  • Output: 3.3mV/V
  • Connector: 6pin-bayonet
  • Mfg Days: Stock
  • Jam Nut Length: 1"
  • Mercury Filled for long term stability
  • Interchangeable with Competitor's models
  • 3.3mV/V strain gauge output
  • 80% Output Calibration
  • Standard Inconel Diaphragm
  • Designed for space restricted areas
  • Free-spinning jam nut
  • 10"Exposed Capillary

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