6B Bayonet, 25ft Teflon c/w SS Armour -Transducer / Transmitter Cable

  • Transducer / Transmitter Cables
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$252.00 - 25% Discount
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  • Connector: 6B bayonet
  • Mfg Days: Stock
  • Length(ft): 25
  • Insulation: Teflon (350F/180C)
  • Protection: S/S armour
  • Length(m): 7.62
  • Mating Connectors and lead wire for Transducers and Transmitters
  • Individual conductors are Heatshrink isolated
  • Individually tested
  • Standard Shield and Ground
  • Interchangeable with Competitor's models
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Verified replacement for PT462E-10M-6/18, PT462XL-10M-6/18, DYN-X-10M-6/18, M31-6-M-P10M-1-4-D
Verified replacement for PT460E-10M-6, PT460XL-10M-6, DYN-X-10M-6, M30-6-M-P10M-1-4-0