Transducer / Transmitter Cables

  • Melt Pressure Transducer / Transmitter Cables
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MPI manufactures Melt Pressure Transducer / Transmitter Extension Cables with mating connectors
Connector options:  6pin Bayonet (PC06A-10-6S equiv.), 8pin Threaded (PC06A-12-8S equiv.) or Gentran 6pin ( Cannon WK6-21C-5/16 equiv.)

Cable options (all with shield and ground) : PVC, Teflon with or without S/S Braid or Armour.
MPI Melt Pressure Cables  (download Brochure)
  • Mating Connectors and lead wire for Transducers and Transmitters
  • Interchangeable with Competitor's models
  • Individual conductors are Heatshrink isolated
  • Individually tested
  • Standard Shield and Ground
  • Option - Epoxy Filled Connector - waterproof and durable