MPI melt pressure catalog
MPI melt pressure catalog


MPI Melt Pressure has over 25 years of experience selling and manufacturing melt pressure transducers and transmitters. Request an MPI Melt Pressure catalog by mail, or contact us for more information.

Products Offered in the MPI Melt Pressure Catalog

  • Products compatible with Dynisco, Gefran, GP50, Gentran, ISI 
  • Melt pressure transducers
  • Melt pressure transmitters
  • Melt pressure indicators & alarms
  • Transducer/transmitter cables
  • Melt pressure hole drill & clean kits
  • Melt pressure gauges
  • Extruder rupture disks
  • Technical info on electrical hookup and application problems
  • Engineering tech support available by email or phone                    
  • Large inventory of same day shipping items
Request a quote on melt pressure products. Contact MPI to learn more.