SIL2 Melt Pressure Transmitters - 4-20mA with Remote and Local Zero

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Standard melt pressure transmitters with 4-20mA output from MPI are based on a 50-year-old design.
SIL2 Transmitters have the added feature compared to standard Transmitters as they can be zeroed in two ways; remotely via PLC by shorting the RZERO (F-Orange) and the RCAL (D-Green), or manually via the zero potentiometer.
Quickship Program SIL2 Melt Pressure Transmitters
The SIL2 feature is available as an add-on for the following models: MT, MK, MF, MN

The Transmitters are SIL2(Safety Integrity Level 2) compatible

An internal Rcal transistor mounted to the strain gauge enables easy calibration of 80% of full scale.

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MT - Melt Pressure Transmitters - Standard Fill with SIL2 option  (Download Brochure)
MK - Melt Pressure Transmitters - Mercury Free NaK Fill with SIL2 option  (Download Brochure)
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