Melt Pressure Transmitters - 4-20mA w/ Output Relay Series

  • Relay output Melt Pressure Transmitters
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MPI offers a 4-20mA Melt Pressure Transmitter with a built-in relay output switch as a safety protocol. 

The relay contacts will open under the following conditions:
  • An open bridge is detected
  • Loss of power to the sensors
  • Pressure exceeds the relay threshold selected by the customer when order (from 10%-100% of the pressure range)
MPI's Output Relay series can directly replace all Dynisco Guardian Series Transmitters & Gefran's Output Replay Series. 

The Output Relay feature can be added to any 4-20mA transmitter - including Mercury Filled Transmitters, NaK Mercury Free Transmitters, and Oil Filled Transmitters. 

MPI Output Relay Transmitters also feature the SIL2 remote + local zero. They can be zeroed in two ways; remotely via PLC by shorting the RZERO+ (F-Orange) and the RZERO- (D-Green), or manually via the zero potentiometer.
Quickship Program SIL2 Melt Pressure Transmitters

MPI Output Relay Transmitters are SIL2(Safety Integrity Level 2) compatible

An internal Rcal transistor mounted to the strain gauge enables easy calibration of 80% of full scale.

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MT - Melt Pressure Transmitters w/ Output Relay User Manual (Download Brochure)
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