MTX00-series Melt Pressure and Temperature Transmitter (Hg) - 1000bar, 6"+18"F, 4-20mA, 6p, TiAlN, t/c-J

  • Melt Pressure Transducer

Precio de lista: $1,125.00 - 25% Discount(First Time Customer)
  • Thread: 1/2-20unf
  • Connector: 6pin-bayonet
  • Mfg Days to Ship (max): 15
  • Stem Length: 6"
  • Pressure Range: 1000
  • Flex Length: 18"
  • Pressure Units (psi/bar): bar
  • Temp Sensor: t/c-J
  • Tip Material: Inconel + TiAlN Coating
  • Output: 4-20mA
  • Mercury Filled for long term stability
  • Interchangeable with Competitor's models
  • 80% Output Calibration
  • Rigid Stem + Flex Armour Style
  • Temperature Sensor Built-In

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