A400, J-T/C, 1/2-20UNFx6"L, Tip=0", 4"armour, Plug, Grounded

  • A400 Fixed Melt Bolt T/C and RTDs
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  • Style: A400-Fixed
  • Sensor Type: J-T/C (grounded)
  • Thread: 1/2-20 UNF
  • Bolt Length: 6"
  • Termination: 2pin standard plug
  • Lead Length: 4"
  • Tip Length: 0" (flush)
  • Mfg Days: Stock
  • Tip Dia: 1/8"
  • Max Temp 900F (450C)
  • Max Press 20K-psi
  • 304 SS material
  • Fixed Tip
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